WF on Apple Watch

Morning - Just wondering if there is a way to get the WF app data on the Apple Watch as a complication? It would be nice to get the feed onto the display as part of the watch dial. I know notifications come across but seeing the data on the watch would be great…


It can be done, but isn’t on the short term roadmap yet.

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The Weather UnderWHO app has a complication that can display your PWS temperature as a complication if you send data to them. It is the only reason why I keep the WU app around! Of course, people look at me funny when they see me look at my watch for the temperature.



oh thats a good call and probably the one reason to keep WU - its nice that you can set it to your own pws so it updates the data.

There is also a route via node red and an app called complications:

Seems to be quite interesting for a custom complication via a data input in node red and then out to the watch,

edit- also Pushover seems to do the same thing:


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if you have Carrot Weather and you send data to PWS weather stations, you have the option to get your station data shown when within the radius chosen in Carrot and on the watch.

other option I use, works neat

I made one for my own data site (I assume that is what you are thinking of). I had ‘tabs’ for webcam images, an ‘exercise’ type set of circles for wind speed and direction, a table for tide data, and a tab for weather forecasts. So it can be done.

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That sounds interesting to me to set up for the iWatch users around me. Can you tell a little more details how you did ?

Thanks for the hints - Carrot is good, i like the way you can set it to pull in the data from your own PWS - i am using WF in weewx and then uploading to PWS, this allows Carrot to access the data.


I am also trying out getting complications in via Node Red and the Complicated App ( to give a bit more personalization - so i also have my WF upload to Weather Display, which gives text based weather conditions to the top part of the dial and weewx via MQTT, and Node Red for the rain fall for the day in the bottom left.



I send my weather data to a server on the internet (because, like many, I have the data displayed on a website). In the Apple Watch app I use a simple web pull for the data. The rings were available as a sample app, and I used the watch Sikkens in the Xcode environment to create the interfaces.

It hasn’t worked for a while since my Davis instrument t dies and I am still getting my WeatherFlow instrument data up to the website, but it will.

If you have more questions I will try to answer them.


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I am attaching some of the art from my AW app (Third Ave Suite, specific to 3rd Ave in the Bay Area) just so you know what I did.