Weather34 WF API version Discontinued

Weather34 Home Weather Station Dashboard

This API version is now discontinued however if you own a meteobridge product you can still use weatherflow hardware with the Meteobridge version available via or you can use any of the popular weather website templates that support meteobridge .



2. download info

  1. using a raspberry ? try

Hello Brian,

Can you provide a little more insight as to the requirements to deploy this Air & Sky template. I won’t lie after reading the website it left me with more questions than answers.

  • Does this template require middle-ware like a RPi to be present?
  • Can it simply be unzipped, installed, and run from a Windows computer / Linux system?
  • Can you offer a step by step for the novice as to how to set this up on Windows, Linux, RPi hardware.


the minimum requirement is to have at least php 5.6 installed on your server , 90% of web hosted servers have this by default .

for running locally on a windows based or Mac based machine XAMPP is the perfect companion just make sure you have full permissions as administrator ,XAMPP installer has all the necessary options to run phpmyadmin,mysql .

I develop it on two local hosted servers using XAMPP for Mac osx one is a redundant 2009 Mac mini with PHP 7.1.1 and the other is my main MAC PHP 7.2(beta)

to run on any php supported server simply unzip to a folder on your desktop and ftp it to
directory on the server called for example pws so the hosted domain would be

to run locally on your desktop or laptop pc having installed XAMPP you can run it
localhost/pws from your browser . you unzip and create a folder in the localhost directory called pws for example localhost/pws

RPi hardware so sorry I have NO background knowledge of this type of hardware but I should imagine if PHP is installed then the same methods may be valid above there are users out there that use the template on that type of hardware.

in short the template is designed to be used with any server with PHP installed without any real adjustments or configuration required at server level. might be of use and the weather flow version is not using mysql at present this simply pulls historical chart data if you send your weather flow data to weather underground.

so it will simply run on a desktop or laptop you are simply pulling data down from the weather flow api so no middle-ware as you call it is required as such .


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Hello Brian,

Can you provide a direct link to the Air & Sky template you mentioned up above. I would like to run it locally by pulling down the metrics via the WF API as you noted up above to test.

Thank You!

sure just drop me an email via you will see it at the bottom of the page , just provide your station ID and air/sky device id in the email I will simply cross check it fully works with the developer key I have been issued and send you the link. ps I live in istanbul so I will do it first thing in the morning it is late now so you should have an email when you wake up :slight_smile: . Brian

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I would like to take the time to personally thank Brian (Weather34) for offering such a fantastic Weather Flow template interface. The design elements and how the metrics are displayed to the end user is simply outstanding to say the least. :star_struck:

With his gracious assistance I was up and running in only a few moments. :+1:

Weather 34

I hope very much some of the extra features can be fine tuned to be used in my specific area. As I see great value in them such as the earth quake, meteor, etc.

Thank You Sir!


glad you found it fun and your now an expert on Istanbul :slight_smile: just remember don’t go cycling …

lets catch up after festive period and iron out any teething issues perhaps by then your be an expert in PHP …

Take care…Brian



This is a fantastic display! I love the design and elegance of it and the color scheme is nice and easy to read, plus the extra information such as sunrise/sunset and earthquake info is icing on the cake, so to speak. I have a question for you. I don’t know much about running web servers and don’t host one myself but I would love to view my data as a field tester with a current AIR and SKY unit through your template! I currently have my data posted on Weather Underground but is there a way that I could view my data through your amazing template somehow?

Great job on this!


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hello to everyone

I have been somewhat overwhelmed in the requests for weather flow template the last few days and have a bit of a backlog to get through, however there not all field testers I think the word has got around and a lot of them users have the AIR unit only(the template does not support standalone AIR unit it requires both AIR+SKY) . FIELD TESTERS please follow this basic inclusion in requesting the template


scroll down to the bottom of the page

request template via email

include your STATION ID if possible device ID’s

the template will only work with both AIR+ SKY

all I simply do is cross check all is working and connecting to your HARDWARE .

the basic requirement to run this template your web hosted server must have PHP 5.6 or higher (tested upto php 7.2)

to run locally on your desktop without a web hosting service you need to install XAMPP to create a local PHP supported server on your desktop or laptop etc… the minimum requirement is PHP must be installed on any device or environment .Without PHP installed it will not function…

This is a website template and not to be confused as an App /Application/Software .

If you only have a AIR unit but have existing hardware using additional Meteobridge or Cumulus software then you can use the AIR model alongside your existing hardware using other versions available via simply just adding in your STATION ID and Air Device ID .
you can see here top rows displaying the AIR sensor alongside meteobridge data from main station.

I will endeavour to respond all requests over the following week…



Good evening

thank you for all the emails I’m preoccupied at present i will get around to responding to you all next week
there are just a few new additions to polish off for the weatherflow version of the template once there done i will respond and send download links to the template via email.

*note it is preset with your credentials based on your station ID and a unique download.
*note it is not an application it is a web template
*note this template is only available to SKY+ Air field testers it will not work with just AIR units
*note please use the request email via it is at the bottom of the page

  • there are many new features been added recently many new modules and redesign for the better user experience you can see some of those pop up modules via there are many more

sorry for any inconvenience in the delay in responding some sample screenshots …brian




Looks simply fantastic let me know when you have a working copy to share.

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Yes, please let me know when you have a working version. Happy to also test it for you.


i have sent quite a few this morning *please all I need is the STATION ID not to be confused with weather underground ID .

@Phoenix just send me an email ill update your download link

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Features & Enhancements:

  • Day, Month, Year: There doesn’t seem to be a way to select and roll back to view previous historic values. Would you please consider incorporating such a basic feature.

  • Low, High, Average: I would like to see the charts have an area where it indicates the low, high, and average for what ever metrics like temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, UV, brightness.

  • Advisory Info: What is the system using to define this field? I ask because we had several extreme weather alerts but I never saw this on the web template.

  • Earth Quake: I would really like having the ability to define a geographic region to monitor earth quake events. Especially for North America Canada / USA.

  • S.A.M.E / NOAA Alerts: A would really like to see this wonderful template support the ability to enter the S.A.M.E / NOAA weather alerts to know hazards from blizzards, tornado, flood, fire, etc.

  • Mouse Charting: Would like to see the line graph offer more granularity. Right now when you scroll with the mouse the data points seem to jump to the next. Meaning if I scroll my mouse I would like to be able to see a one minute data point instead of what appears to be hours?

ie. 1:00, 1:01, etc instead its 1:00 and jumps to 1:05 etc?

  • Battery: Would very much like to see the battery level charted.

  • Multiple Sensors: Is there a plan to support more than one station / sensors?


good morning

in short all this will be possible and ive noted some things like battery charts .

advisory ultimately this will have all the scripts i use on my main weather site it basically works off
actual data values delivered by your hardware . not set by third party website warning centers etc.
its a combination what if scenarios occur … i.e temperature drops below a threshold lets say -15c in your part of the world then it will highlight this , or wind speed rises above a threshold or average over a 10-15 minute period lets say an average over the last 15 minutes is 38kmh , or barometer rapidly falls with in the last hour etc.
all sorts of combinations can be used . here is one i use to really good effect if rain rate > 1 and solar radiation is greater than 300 the then we have rainbow capability :slight_smile: it really works as I live by the sea i see it quite frequently and have monitored this over the last few years.

earthquakes i will add a distance threshold so for example you can set distance at 1000km from your location so only minor to significant events will show within that range and if nothing in that range it will show a simple statement of no events recorded in last 24 hours or something to that effect. this i already use mine is set at only events that occur within that range appear on the main page .

low,high,average at the moment it using the API data now this will all change over the coming weeks and all those values max,min,etc will be available. see below :slight_smile:

S.A.M.E / NOAA Alerts if there is a API available for these sources i can simply add it on if there isnt i dont want to go down the road of scraping data from a webpage etc.

Mouse and charts i think what i will try is to make the chart area larger or look at options within the library to see if i can improve it.

some really good news that will make all these ideas even better Im now going to work with the guy at meteobridge he has sent me a meteobridge to connect to the weatherflow hub this will open up many many options for the website owners and this template .meteobridge is self sufficient and runs 24/7 low powered no computer is offers a vast array of options .ive been using one for many months on my main weather station .

anyway also thanks for the email yes my wife was in moscow and her flight was delayed due to the plane crash on sunday.she was really really hesitant to get on the plane thankfully she arrived back here in istanbul at 3am .

screenshot of meteobridge and weatherflow HUB



Hello Brian,

  • Advisory: I believe having the option to tap into and define a weather provider like weather networks, weather underground, name who ever. To show the weather advisory would be a great idea. Regardless, love the rainbow feature if and when its available for use!

  • Earth Quake: I would ask that you offer the user the ability to display both regional and local earth quake events. As I like to see them regardless if they pertain to me or not. I just think its a great feature and gives insight to what’s happening around the globe. Also, have the ability to review past historic earth quake events.

  • SAME / NOAA: If I can find a related API for this I shall leave a reply here. This feature is really important to me and many others. Offers huge potential, safety, and security where extreme weather is always present.

  • Meteobridge: I have been considering this little piece of hardware for quite sometime. Now that you’re involved in this project this may be the tipping point for me. I would be eager to learn more either offline or on here as to the long term road map you intend to implement over the next few years.

As always, I thank you so very much for your insight and generosity in providing this fantastic PHP template to the general public. Very happy to hear the wife is safe at home and kick back a few cold ones for some of us still on duty!


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good morning

all noted and as for meteobridge looks like boris at meteobridge got it all working overnight so im sure its only a matter of days or weeks it will be available.he is using my wf hub and doing OTA …

its really quite a simple process just plug in the meteobridge to your router connect the wf hub to the meteobridge via usb and voila instantly recognised and you then will have options to send your data to many network services or the popular ones and your website and also does not stop the data flowing via the hub to weatherflow.

amongst other features of controlling your historic data, removing erroneous rain events etc that are displayed on your website.

homeweatherstation selection is built in so it takes only minutes to be up and running . the meteobridge does not require any computer to run it is all self sufficient low powered and is a perfect match for the weatherflow product.

im sure over the next few weeks everything will be polished of nicely. happy days and I do love the simplicity…






That’s a really awesome setup what are we talking about in terms of out of pocket costs for the box and license? Any chance to get on a Beta test with Boris the vendor and possible discount on the hardware / license perhaps as a group?

The primary reason I am interested in this platform is its all contained in one unit and doesn’t require a constant 24.7.365 computer or RPi. The other reason is being able to send to other weather sites in hopes of using that data for my home automation system.


can not speak for costs and beta group offerings … you can pick up a TPLINK MR3030 pretty cheap

not sure what the price is in USD/CAD etc then roll your own you would need to purchase a licence but you can use the trial period to evaluate . here we pay around commonly $25 plus added %20 import tax (we pay import tax on everything) even items sent free of charge ! a couple of students I help picked them up locally for around $13 and rolled there own.

i have mine(the whole weather station setup including router etc) connected to a small UPS for 24/7 non interrupted i get around 2 days with no electric connected.

it is a versatile method and certainly opens up many options for those not wanting to use software and computer to do the extras.

best thing arrange a skype via email… brian


good morning i just sent the last batch out so most of you who requested a version last two weeks should have a copy of the download link in your mailbox…any problems feel free to drop an email.

have a nice weekend …brian