Photos of Sky and Installation



Thanks. I bought the aluminum mount (& tube) and added the PVC pipe and hardware to bolt them together.


Just had my first monitored rain event. Wow!


Here’s mine, a temporary position for now. I want to install on my roof but can’t find a non penetrating mount considering I have a pitched roof. Any suggestions anyone?


In this thread you have some ideas


Cool! What are the diameters of the PVC pipe and aluminium tube? I think I might try to create a mount just like yours.


Thanks Eric, I’ve seen and read that thread already. I saw that one mount designed for satellite dishes but am just concerned about having cement blocks on my roof when it’s pitched. Maybe I’m being overcautious!


The PVC pipe is standard 1 inch schedule 40. (1.315 in/33.4mm OD) The aluminum tube is just slightly larger. Maybe 35mm ID so I wrapped a little tape around the PVC for a snug fit. The aluminum angle is not stiff enough so I added a wood block to the bottom and also secured the top of the aluminum tube to the roof peak.


Can we see the 30 hour mount?

Shipping Update June 25

Kinda what I thought I put up 70’ towers in less time than that


Would you take the Sky that I have already received in exchange for putting up a 40-foot tower in New York State??? :thinking:


I built two 69 foot, Rohn 25G towers when I was a teenager. The time consuming part as digging two cubic yard holes.

Then watching concrete dry for two days.


Those days are long gone now could still do but would cost a fortune in equipment rental, I was in that wine country over in New York state couple of weeks ago.


I designed the mount to clamp on my existing 1" pipe mast.
Because I expected the Sky would need service, the design allows for the instrument to swing down to where I can reach it from a second floor window.
I was just getting around to painting it when we got this news from WF.
Full stop!


But he’s got 30 hours into his Sky mount (42 hours if he decides to paint it)


I see what appears to be at least three fish-mouthed round tube welds, and what appears to be spherical heim joints (rose joints from the other side of the pond) at the pivot point. As somebody who couldn’t mig weld his way out of a wet paper bag, I applaud the design and workmanship…


guarantee you , you have just wasted 30 hours of your time note your time this is just a recipe for false rain , im not sure why you have gone to this extreme to mount , i get the accessibility part but apart from that its just overkill . if that pulley starts rattling it will vibrate right through the whole thing , remember the sky unit uses a haptic sensor for rain measurements therefore you need to eliminate chances of vibrations with upmost importance.

remember metal,alloy etc is extremely prone to vibrations and generates noise . said a 100times simple test tapp the allloy tubing with a screwdtiver the tubing will amplify the sound .

if you,tone your aggressive approach down a touch we can all share our experiences with you and perhaps learn from yours . ps i dont work for weatherflow, i have no financial benefits or gains but i like to share ideas and learn from others because we all live different in locations be it regional or housing type . have different weather conditions etc .the only gain in it for myself is satisfaction and that comes from collaboration with other users . there are no individuals perhaps some wannabes amongst us.

so mellow out a bit so we can at least agree to disagree and move forward .


I am so happy, two year wait and my station is up. Only second one in South Africa. Yes. image


That installation looks great!


Mounted our Sky on a 10 foot wooden pole attached to our bathroom vent pipe (on the roof) with two large hose clamps. The pole is lightweight, but stiff & sturdy. The pole gets the unit above the roof peak, but I’m probably losing some accuracy of wind readings because of wind sweeping up the roof. Also, our house is surrounded on three sides by tall trees, which also block the wind.


Nice setup. I think we all have some kind of limitations. Mine is a house about 15 ft East of the Sky, so wind will be different from that side, with surrounding trees on other sides. Such is life. I’m measure micro wind currents in the back yard more than anything.