Photos of Sky and Installation



Here’s my belated entry to this topic…

My Sky is mounted to the ‘suggested’ chain link fence top rail, which is in reality 2 of them linked together.

I’m using an ‘abandoned’ chimney flue which is capped at the top and bottom (inside the attic) with holes that are the right diameter for the pole to pass through.

At the bottom, the mast is mated with a mounted Loudspeaker ‘tophat’ mount that provides stability at the base.

It’s rather unconventional, but as I have a sloped roof and no brick chimney to use, it was the best I could do to keep the Mrs. happy!

So far, I haven’t had any indications of vibration, and VERY few false-positive rain readings.


Due to having a 3 story town house no way will I be going up to the roof which is just a little over 50ft. I had to mount it on the fence.


PVC Mount out of sever pipes. Plan to spray it white.

Air gives better metering after putting it into wooden shield.


I think this one is my favorite install so far. Very clever.


Install in the far south of New Zealand



It’s gotta be incredibly rewarding for the folks at WeatherFlow to see the fruits of their labor pop up all over the globe.

I have a brother who creates amazing props for professional haunted houses, and he too gets orders from all over – Ireland, Dubai, France, Spain, Australia… What a kick it must be when your brainchild is in demand all over the world. :smiley:


Awesome. Can’t wait to see you climb up there to change the batteries in a year though. Lol.

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What size pipe/pole/mast do I need for my SKY?

You wanted 3m so I gave you 3m. Wowsers:

Just above the TV antenna I have the tall pole (about 1.25" diameter) split so I can lift it off and access the Sky to change batteries. It’s aluminum tubing, which had a prior life (is recycled) somewhere on top of Mount Wellington I believe:

I don’t have guy wire so it so I will wait and see how well this stands up to high and gusty winds. Expecting some soon in fact.

Rain seem off (auto-calibration system not yet deployed)
Attaching Pole to 4x4 Wood Post?
Rainfall seriously over reported

Hi Eric. I used a retired tether ball pole and part of a closet rod to install my Sky. The closet rod had to be shaved down a bit to fit into the bottom of the Sky. The tether

ball pole is just the right height. There is water in the base to help keep it stable.


Modified satellite dish mount with metal fence post/top rail. Just waiting for the Sky now.

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Mount is now up and awaiting my Sky ! I ended up using a 10 foot vinyl wrapped wood closet rod that I purchased at Lowe’s for $18.78 (thank you Lowe’s for the everyday 10 % veterans discount). I have the rod installed into a roof mount tripod that held my previous weather station. This will put the Sky about 6 feet above my roof peak. It’s easy to get to once I drag my 28 foot extension ladder out. That is the real pain in the back side ! I’m thinking about splurging for a much lighter weight aluminum ladder as opposed to the rather heavier fiberglass one that I currently own. Sky should be here within the next 2 weeks hopefully . Latest tracking shows it left Hong Kong today.


That closet rod is an interesting find!

My shipment spent 24 hours in Hong Kong yesterday, and is now also in transit to the next stop. I’ll be outside with the binoculars watching for the flight into JFK Airport flying over my house in a little while…


That’s looks good. I will have to try wood and see how well it dampens vibrations. It seems it might preform better than PVC.

Yes! Lowe’s and Home Depot get a lot of my busines.


Well I had a 5 foot aluminum pipe and a 10 foot steel pipe. The 5 was too short for my liking and the 10 foot steel was fairly heavy. I saw the vinyl wrapped closet rod and was impressed by the no warp claim as well as not having to paint it like an unfinished one. It’s also very light which will make it much easier to handle when battery change time comes around. That will probably be in the middle of winter at 20 below zero during a blizzard at 3 AM. These are the specs on the rod. I figured that going with a wood rod as opposed to a metal one was 2 fold. It’s lighter and will mitigate interference.
[image|230x500] (upload://mwrZd0L4rD5CVzCZxR7oVr9xKHd.png)


Sounds like our orders may have been shipped in the same batch.


Nice. You could easily move it around if need be to take measurements at different points on your property.


Looks very similar to my setup.


Thanks, never thought about that. We have lots of slopes on the land, so was just looking for a flat spot without too many trees around it.