Photos of Sky and Installation



@WFstaff we have an open launch policy! 1.5 hours north of Toronto. Kites depend on time of year and your poison…Hydrofoil is the obsession but we accept plywood riders :-):grin:

Some shoulder season shots:


Very observant! That cover is a temporary barrier to the freeze and thaw elements. Its a historic lighthouse that is falling apart and they have had trouble getting funding together to save it. This was a stop gap. This is a shot of the prior where they tried to use banding to stop the stone from falling off.

With respect to the risk on the drone. A flight plan reduces risk…I know the run time, I trust GPS positioning and the weather etc. Pretty reliable. If I am flying over water, which I do, and something breaks…its a goner anyway.


First real test for my Sky unit this afternoon with a nice little intense front coming through. Peak rainfall was 1,306.92mm/ hr!



rainraite 1,306.92mm/ hr sure you havent put the rainsensor under a very strong shower :zipper_mouth_face:


Just wow . . . :rofl:


Pretty nuts I know spacesnow, black part of the cell in the photo passed right over my house. You can see my setup in one of the photos above. It’s on a 2m extension off my tv antenna, sits about 9m above ground and has no protection from the elements. Been up there for about a week now. Love it!


Installed this evening.


nice clear view. Is this a pvc pipe ou used ? If so did you fill it with sand (to prevent vibrations it seems to be one of the best tricks)


Yes it’s PVC (filled wit sand indeed), but I will replace it later for aluminium or steel.
The standard pipe size is not that common in the Netherlands…


I used the steel pipes to mount dish antenna’s … and last part is a pvc pipe.
Will have to make a split since my normal sky is coming this way so I can mount them side by side on the same steel pole with some plumbing work :wink:


Hello Folks,

After receiving my Sky a week ago, I moved the installation to just over the roof. This still needs to go higher and my aim is above the apex of the roof. I was hoping to get that done today but the angle of the ladder was too steep with the space I currently have and was not going to chance. I need to move our composting box to get a wider and safer footing for the ladder bearing in mind the apex of our roof is around 8m (± 26-ft) up.

Anyway, here are two photos of the installation. The one, a closeup shows some mesh I’ve added that will hopefully deter birds as I believe they have already perched on the Sky since there’s been no rain but this morning some was reported. Whilst trying to add the mesh to the the Sky, my rain indication shot through the roof (or dare I say shot to the Sky).

The other photo is the location of the Sky and the apex of the roof where I’d like to install it. On the bottom right of the photo, you’ll see my meteorite camera.



Just need to see what happens when there is more wind, the mesh could trigger the haptic sensors … but time will tell


Agreed Eric! That’s why I’ve cut out a lot of the mesh and also to get as much light to the sensors as possible. It may need to be removed but I’m sure more members will advise one way or the other.


also the earning algo might get ‘used’ to it and filter it out. But it needs several raining events to start acting, hence why in the early raining events most sky reports give way off results. But as said WF staff, wrk in progress as they gather more and more data to feed the computers


Here is my installed sky. I might decide to give it some more height by adding another section of pipe to the chimney mount. Will see how it does at its current height first.


if this is a working chimney, there is a strong probability you’ll have influence on the wind sensors due to rising hot air from it. Also wind coming from the left of the imagine will have turbulence due to the chimney and you readings again will be influenced. If you have an extra meter spare, I’d include it and fill the pipe with sand to prevent vibrations. Next to that nice setup.


It is a working chimney (for an oil burner) and I will be keeping a close eye on the data as heating season begins later in the year.

I am less concerned about the turbulence caused by the chimney cap in this location and more concerned about the large tree that’s 30 to 50 feet away. It will block most wind from the northeast. But that location is as good as it gets while keeping an aesthetically acceptable install.


My Sky arrived on Friday (from California - maybe one of the double shipped returns) and I got it up yesterday. No false rain yet but UV seems quite low. (2.2 in direct overhead sun with clear sky above). No rain to evaluate yet but I am looking forward to observing performance over the next few days. I am impressed how easy it was to mount and connect. Well done WeatherFlow!


I like the look of how you’ve mounted your PVC tube in a metal holder. Is that a kit you bought, or did you put it together from separate bits yourself?