Photos of Sky and Installation



I appreciate your service for our country🇺🇸! My son served in the USCG!


Thank you ! Lots of respect for the USCG. I actually did quite a bit of work with them when I was in Guantanamo in ‘92. Very professional bunch of people.


Just saw this post, I am up in Port Stephens, and we copped the same sort of dumping - almost 200mm in less than 24 hours, mostly rained all of June here and now as of August 14th we have had a total of about 15mm since the start of July, :thinking:


I am starting out with something easy to install and has something to compare with 14’ 1" galvanized iorn well pipe back to back minis to the 2" rigid conduit concreted in ground 5-1 is mounted to, when every thing gets lined out might go up to 20’-25’ have to guy wire it then.
Already have batteries had them for 3 or 4 months

Oh Sh@@ forgot to mount my Sky Oh yea its still in Hong Kong wont be long though :joy:

Heck these have alonger shelve life than me 2037 I bought these at Sams club for under 20 dollars


Just thought I’d post the photos of my home made Stevenson screen
Inside dimensions 30mm h x 270mm sq 1.7m off the ground
I already have a WH1080 working inside.I will be putting the Air inside and the Sky on the outside on a short pole.
scrap wood a few screws some high gloss paint, the only thing I bought was plastic angle 50mm to make the double louvers and the treated post, a few days work and its finshed.


Nice work mate!!! I am sure the AIR will be nice and comfy in there. Hope Huey sends some wet stuff your way (and ours) to test the SKY as well.


Found a 4.5m aluminium telescopic mast kit locally. I didn’t use the full height as I wanted it solid.


My equipment came this afternoon a day early. It’s now up and running. I went from unboxing to online in about 20 minutes.


Before you put the ladder away, let me suggest removing the well-intentioned red streamer from the Sky’s mast. In the wind, anything flapping and connected to the mast has the potential to cause false precipitation measurements…


Thank you. I was wondering if there was a potential for it to effect my data. I just wanted a temporary visual indicator. Was planning on taking it down after a few days. Haven’t noticed any false readings as of yet.


Surely the “continuously learning” algorithms can adjust for a streamer.


Streamer is now down. I ordered a wind sock from amazon for $7.94 which I am going to attach to my original Sky mounting location on my deck. Good thing I had to wait so long to get my Sky. I ended up constantly rethinking my mounting location and eventually went with the much better (albeit pain in the rear) location on my roof. I just like to have that visual indicator of wind activity when I look outside.


Will that windsock cause vibrations and false raining detcions??


No, it won’t. Why would it?


Heres an update of the air and sky sited on the Stevenson screen alongside the WH1080
comparing the two theres not much difference except for the temperature which the 1080 is registering a higher temperature +1c. not real worried because I had a ws2310 running alongside the 1080 and the temp diff was also 1c higher

BTW Sky is 3m above ground


Good one Champ!, My Air is getting a few lil roadtrips around the bee yard till I sort a screen/shade, I had an old BoM Stevensen screen lined up but the demand is very high.


Thanks mate its a bit rough but I intend to do some tidying up once the weather is more sociable


Just got done about an Hour ago Installing new sky and air out with my acurite . I built a Stevenson Shield yesterday and mounted it 4’ off the ground, Have the Sky mount 14’ up on
1 ’ galvanized steel well pipe sealed both ends with foam. Used old bifold closet doors to make Stevenson Shield. I am extremely pleased with new equipment, so glad I got in on this deal I needed a new station I have worked on that acurite station quite a few times , repaired and pieced it together from old parts from 2 other stations. I have 3 solar cells on fan and it still runs 3-3.5 degrees hot in Summer.

Great Job Guys looking forward to other gear,


A little low rent, but for under $20 and a little time not bad…

Cheapo plastic saucers for under plants - nobody has the hardshell resin ones in stock this time of year. Three 6" threaded bolts, some nuts+washers, some spray paint. Good enough to take for a test drive for a bit.

Yes, it’s a leaning tower of Weatherflow. Need to adjust the nuts holding up each layer to get equal spacing.


Still would rather do a Stevenson Screen but I’m not finding any local sources of affordable shutters to try to build one. Might decide to use hot-air-heat wall register cover plates or the like eventually, but that’s fodder for another bad home construction project.


Kinda looks like it has that spiral on the new Metoshield :grinning:

I made the one above out of closet bifold doors had em laying around collecting dirt did not have to buy anything True Junker