Photos of Sky and Installation



Mate you built that yesterday? Great work!!
I also was thinking of old louvered doors but finding them here is a pain.


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Replace old system, Dobson NC


Just a quick suggestion. Mounting the Air horizontally will likely cause degraded lightning sensor performance. Once you find the final mounting location, I suggest getting a corner bracket or something and mounting the Air vertical…


simple fix, thank you,


Two Locations in Charlotte, NC, USA

Overlooking Panthers Stadium: Webcam is next


And the second one in South Charlotte, NC, USA


yes and no

simple for sure but the air flow won’t be to good under there. For now it’ll do but once you have some time, really invest the few dimes for a bracket and install it lower from the ‘roof’ and where wind/air can flow more easily. Readings will be better.


GREAT Point. I really am struggling to find a great place for the air. Investing in a Solar radiation shield and placing it on the roof?


Back to the old location in vertical.

Patrick Fiorentino


Post your Air photos here.


My son helped me (well, he did all the work) put the Sky on the roof today on a painted wooden closet rod. That’s my Rainwise anemometer to the left.


Gotta love that Lowe’s 10.5 foot fence railing. Very light to put up and works great. I used #2 conduit hangers to attach it to the fence. Total installation cost about 15 bucks and 20 minutes of my time.

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Temporary Sky mounting… Just need to buy 2 brackets to put the steel pipe up for the Sky.

To be continued…


Here is a better picture.

I know it is way to low. But that is gonna change when I have my pole brackets. :grin:


SKY arrived today and installed. This is just temporary till I get new base delivered.


^^^^^ One of my thoughts about how to do bird spikes without attaching anything to the Sky. ^^^^^



The short piece of waste pipe into which I drilled slanting holes for the fibreglass rods will also be filled with sand to dampen vibrations in the finished mast. BTW I intend to shorten the 1 inch steel tube that the SKY is attached to in order to make the top of the spikes higher than the top of the SKY unit. May also string thin fishing line between tops of spikes. Also intend to bolt securely. Waited so long for SKY I just had to get it up as soon as it arrived!


General view of site.


So all in all, which should be better? Wood, metal or pvc pipe for the mount?

PVC is out of the choice for me as I live in a place with too many sunshine hours and it would just deteriorate the PVC too quickly.

Any help is welcome!