Happy Anniversary Field Testers


Today is the day this forum was introduced to ‘most’ field testers.

Congratulations for being around for one year.


I’ll be getting my “birthday” cake icon tomorrow, which unlike a WU gold star image actually means something!!! :rofl:


I was invited last to the group so I won’t get mine until the 30th. Unlike WU, this forum is actually useful.


@vreihen You made it a year. Do you feel any older?


Considering that I was attached to a portable IV infusion pump 24/7 for over a year when I joined this forum last December, I’m just grateful that I am alive since WF doesn’t make a soil temperature sensor yet!

For posterity:


Have you considered using a DS18B20 connected to a RPi?


I have a few attached to NodeMCU modules floating around the homestead, but the technology wasn’t my point. I’m happy to be in a place (alive and above-ground) where the air temperature is more important than the underground temperature, if you know what I’m saying…


Happy anniversary, @btst.online. Another one bytes the dust.


Thanks @GaryFunk
Happy to have my first anniversary!


Got mine 3 days ago. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!


Happy Anniversary, @michael! We made it!


happy cake day Gary :tada:


Happy anniversary @todd.lorey! Happy New Years Eve.


Thanks Gary! Merry New Year to you as well!


He’s the father of all field testers. Without @rderr there would be no Field Testers


Happy CakeDay, @eric!


thanks Garry but you’re a few hours early :slight_smile: but gosh times flies


The forum showed this at midnight.






Timezone bug in Discourse? @zogstrip @eric is in France, and @GaryFunk is in Colorado, USA AFAIK. If Discourse is trying to localize the times between the two locations, it could explain the conflicting anniversary dates…