Happy Anniversary Field Testers


I should have seen it first as I’m ahead of the USA


His screen is showing January 3rd as your anniversary. Your screen is showing January 4th.

If it is looking at a time stamp to determine your join date, it could be that you joined on the 4th in your local time, but it was still the 3rd in Gary’s time.

What timezone is used to display the cake, or is it shown for the 24 hour period starting at the first logon timestamp regardless of the timezone???


Those time inconsistencies are one of the issues I never liked about Discourse. It’s not as civilised as it pretends to be.


Congratulations @pierre and @weather-display!


Yes! Cakeday for me… Thanks @GaryFunk :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary to @dan.gealt. Dan was around when weather was invented.


@dan.gealt - Was it REALLY 40 days and 40 nights of rain??? :older_adult: :rofl:


Well . . . the wheel was a great invention, but right after weather was invented we suddenly began to experience traffic delays on our wheels. Who knew that would happen . . . ?


The original reading was 37.43 days, but after the calibration was applied, it brought the adjusted reading right up to 40 days even.


I thought it was 40 days and 39 nights.


Enjoy your cake, @mddiehl!


That was before the auto-calibration system was in place.


Legend has it that it only lasted til’ the sewers backed up…


Thinkin’ about a Friendlys Ice Cream Cake til’ I saw the 40 degree temp drop headed my way tomorrow…


So you won’t be able to eat the ice cream cake outdoors . . . no problem, bring it indoors where it’s warmer and just eat fast so it doesn’t melt out from under you.


@GaryFunk - Are you going to welcome me to the club for earning one of the most exclusive badges in this forum?


Hey, Hey, Hey! Congratulations! But do you really want to be a member of a club where I have been accepted?



I propose that this badge be renamed to the “Get a Life” badge, since anyone who checks into this forum for 365 days straight obviously doesn’t have one! :wink:

“I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member!” -Groucho Marx