Battery backup for tempest

Why are the people outside of North America getting the battery backup included and I don’t even see this item in the tempest store as a extra accessory for the rest of us?

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I was supposed to get one as part of the campaign with Indiegogo but they told me they were not available.

The update didn’t say it was shipping right now. Those outside of NA have waited a long time compared to those of us in NA. I’m sure that once inventory can support it WeatherFlow will list the item in the store.


Where did you see this information?

It’s a bit confusing that’s why I have asked here… Tempest Complete System International Shipping Update

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It sure is…

Because if it is the Storm & Fire Ready Kit battery, then I should be reimbursed the $40 instead. I selected the option to get the Tempest asap and wait for that other stuff next year. It just doesn’t make sense to give away something that people may already have ordered in the pledge.

from the kickstarter page:
“Battery Backup Device. In the event of a power outage the battery backup will keep your Hub running for at least seven days.”
So, basically a powerbank that can charge while delivering power. Even if you don’t need it for your hub, you might use it for something else.

@93ben, so no, it is not the same as the storm & fire kit (but the powerbank is part of it). Also giving away $40 is more expensive for weatherflow then giving away something that might sell for $40.
Anyway, weatherflow had no obligation to do this, so be happy. And if it doesn’t apply to you, be happy anyway.

That’s exactly what the Storm & Fire Kit has…

What I wrote is that it is part of it. The storm & fire kit has so much more!

Then you misunderstood what I was saying. Is WeatherFlow basically giving me another one?

if this applies to you, and you’ve got the mail then yes. But as i mentioned you could use it to power something else (your phone for example). So be happy, you would get it for free.

Yeah I got the email with a link to request it to just get shipped asap without the $40 battery back-up. May take that option if this is the case.

From what I can tell the Storm & Fire Kit comes with a Pro hub and battery backup. The Pro hub provides significantly more than the regular hub that comes with a regular Tempest (as @sunny said). WeatherFlow have decided to now also offer the battery backup to international customers who ordered a regular Tempest as an acknowledgement of the delays they have faced. They will not be getting a Pro hub though, so there is still a big difference between the Storm & Fire kit and this new announcement from WeatherFlow

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of course Weatherflow is hoping that many people will go for delaying delivery. Because they just can’t deliver all the units now.

I pledged for the Storm & Fire Kit. In the backerkit survey, had 3 options and chose the 3rd on “Get the Tempest Kit now and get the Storm & Fire Kit later”. Then today I recieve a email about this $40 battery backup with a link to get my Tempest expedited shipped before November.

Yeah they would be. People in the EU & UK/Ireland would be going into winter where there isn’t much weather activity and it would be hard to install the Tempest in some of those locations. Here in Australia/New Zealand we’ll be going into Summer where our weather becomes more active. So if anything AU & NZ would be requesting this expedited shipping more than the rest of the world.

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OK, perhaps I am missing something here. From the latest shipping announcement WeatherFlow have indicated that for international customers their Tempest Complete System will also come with their $40 battery back-up, and shipping is expected to start early November.

Are you saying that there is also another option that was not included in the announcement where you can say no to the $40 battery backup and get the Tempest shipped even sooner? I am not waiting for a Tempest so I haven’t seen these emails!


Ah I see now! It makes a lot more sense

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