Who does better?

Just for the fun and I’m sure someone will beat my Air game quickly :joy:

at this rate not sure who will be gone first, my Air or me lol

PS : no not a SPA linked on there, just the original Energizers

@vreihen: you still have your bunny ???


I’m not too far behind you on my original pair of Ultimate Lithiums.

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Do I win a free Tempest? :smiley:

By the way, there was another thread about this in October, and assuming that station is still online without any reboots, I suspect that is the winner as it was just beating me back then:


weewx server Server uptime: 1144 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes


AR-00004424 (first day field test Air) finally kicked off last July, after 2+ years (and several convulsions as sensors failed) on the [infamous] WF blue batteries (IIRC).

My production Air out of the first batch is coming up on two years with the bunny batteries:

The Air mentioned by @dave above is at 844 days and 2.68 volts, so it may not be with us for much longer…



First set for me too.
Not Bad


Still on first set I messed around and reset it but I looked at graphs and see first day online figured time within 1-2 hrs 538 days, 0 hours, 10 minutes and 30 second
3.4 volt it was 3.45 earlier today when it was 40 degree and sun shining 31 degrees right now. Also been through approx 10-15 single digit days and 5 + sub zero days Energizer Lithium . That’s really efficient coding and hardware optimization :thinking:
Reminds me of the old emulator program on a floppy SLe44

Let’s here from one of those 30 below people and see how long there’s went

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