Weather underground no longer working

Anyone notice weather underground does not work now in weather underground?

Up to at least last night weather underground is not working. Changed nothing and have public broadcasting setting on in weather flow settings and underground weather station and key.

Has been sending data fine and now nothing. Not even history data.

My data is broadcasting to the app and even on the weather flow webpage, so its broadcasting online but stopped broadcasting to weather underground. Yet my ambient is still broadcasting.

So it’s to do with weather flow itself.

Even tried to create a new account at weather underground and says its offline.

And that’s 15 mins ago

Mine seems to be working and even has a coveted gold star…albeit with only 1-3 minute updates:

Is their rapid-fire upload function broken?

WU is a train wreck, and should come with a disclaimer that their PWS stuff is for entertainment purposes only at this point…


I had that coveted gold star too…until your post. Now I see I lost it for the first time in quite a while. Give it back, it’s mine!

WU is indeed a train wreck. It does seem like rapid fire is broken. In fact each time you go in, it’s exciting to see what feature is broken that day. :wink:

Here you go! pws-goldstar-27x21 :rofl:

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Now I just need to figure out how to paste that on the website. :wink:

print, cut out the badge and use some glue and position on screen :innocent:


I feel kind of silly that I couldn’t figure that out. :roll_eyes:
I have more respect than ever for the flexibility of WU!


A WU gold star and a token will get you a ride on the subway. :wink:

Boy, am I showing my age! The subway switched to Metrocards for payment over 20 years ago…

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I noticed the updates were all FUBAR the other night, so first thing I did was check to see if other stations in my area - non-WeatherFlow stations - were updating. They weren’t, their data was a mess too. So it did NOT seem to be a WeatherFlow-related issue at all. As of last night, it seemed to be working as usual again.

Speaking of updates - when I first connected mine about 2 weeks ago, it was updating every few seconds and I earned a star almost immediately. But by the next day and forever since, it updates only about every 2-3 minutes, occasionally slightly longer. Why is that and can anything be done to make it update more frequently?

Seems weather underground are not receiving the data from weather flow, so it’s either stuffed at weather flows end or they decided to block those outside the usa transmitting data to weather underground, so it must be to do with weatherflow

Now weather flow is rebroadcast to Weather Underground