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do you mean uploading to
I will be adding that to the Mac and Linux versions soon

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Thanks very much Brian

i have added this now to the latest Mac and Linux version



I have had to restart and upload the data but it uploads weird wind speeds and rain. In this case there was no rain.

Also how do you get UV to upload to wunderground?

64 bit version? Catalina will be leaving all 32 bit apps behind both now in the Public beta release in the fall.

Hi, sorry,I missed seeing this post
there was extra data added to the history download data from the W servers
so you need to make sure you have the latest update of WD
otherwise the data gets out of sync for the history data

Looking for anyone using Weather Display writing your UDP data to customtext.txt. I would like to know what Weather Display tags you are using…

there are no specific WD custom tags for the WF UDP data
but you can use the normal custom tags for the weather data that WD parses out from the UDP data
the UDP data is available though if using WD as a couple of files of the most recent data
i.e the weatherflow.txt and weatherflow2.txt text files in the WD webfiles folder

the history data processing is now much faster
in the latest .zip update (build 81)


Not a WF problem but my Weather Display reports all data but not rain - have anyone had this problem and what was the solution?

I moved your post in here. Hopefully @weather-display will hop in and help.

Does anyone here have screenshot and/or step-by-step instructions on how to set WD up for a WF station? I’ve got thru the screens and it’s not pulling the correct temp and the sunset/sunrise times are reversed (e.g. the sunset time is showing as AM and the sunrise is showing as PM.

Sunrise and sunset is figured from the long. and lat. you entered in WD. Have to make sure that is correct. Are you using UDP for data or grabbing it off the cloud?

Step by step is at,68246.0.html reply #4

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Hi…sorry been absent…just logged in
re the tempest, make sure to be using the very latest version/update of WD

I am seeing data now but have couple of questions. First the barametic pressure that WD shows is not even close to the actual data and is there a way to not display the indoor temp since there is no sensor for it?

Hi, WD uses the raw barometer value, but you can set a barometer offset
does the barometer value show in the separate running cronweatherflow program ?
I thought I had it where the indoor temp does not show unless you had set to use an extra temp sensor for indoor temp. I will check on that

Yes, the raw barameter value shows 980.5 but my station is showing 30.210inHg. I don’t have a sensor listed in the field for indoor temp but it still shows a value of 32 degrees F.

32 F is 0 C so it’s not really reading a temperature but a missing device.

The barometer reading is in metric and needs to be converted to imperial.

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if you live at altitude then you will need to add a barometer offset to bring the barometer reading up to expected sea level reading in the software

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Color the false data same as background - data gone