Want to calculate seasonal growing degree days and seasonal cold damage score

Hi… Newby here… and before I set off on a path, I wanted to look for comments and suggestions. The end goal is to calculate, and daily display, the seasonal growing degree days during the summer and the cold damage days during the winter. We have a blueberry farm and vegetable gardens.
So far, I have a Tempest running and WFPiConsole running (with a lot of help from Peter… thanx again, sir).
What I think I should do next is get weewx running with the weewx-udp and learn something (maybe python?) to do the math. Then maybe add in a page to the WFPiConsole for the display of the garden stuff.
I am working on a laptop with a dual boot Windows 10/ Ubuntu 18.04 that I plan to leave on the kitchen counter with WFPiconsole running.
Does that general game plan make sense? Does anyone else have something similar? Does anyone want the calculation formulas to add it into something else?
Many thanx in advance… jt

Sounds like something I’m interested in! I would like to calculate the chill hours (stone fruit and apple orchards) and be able to provide some eventual historical data to other orchardists/growers. I’m looking to track temps between 32F and 45F between Nov 1 and Feb 28/29.

I’m on the verge of retirement and as soon as I don’t have to spell COVID any more, I will work on this if no one else has. I have a feeling, this will be great!