VISIBLE portion of the VISIBLE/UV Sensor Stopped Working for Nine Minutes

Mid afternoon on 10/26/2020, a sunny cloudless day, the VISIBLE portion of the VISIBLE/UV Sensor in my Tempest unit repeatedly dropped out (Solar Radiation reading went to 0 W/m2 and Brightness reading went to 0 lux), one time for 9 minutes, while the UV portion of the sensor kept operating normally (see image below). Has anyone else observed this behavior? Is the VIS/UV sensor in my unit failing?

Possibly. What is your Station ID? You can use the share icon in the app to get a link to post here and put in your profile.

I suspect today’s very low humidity (10%) played a role in the sensor’s failure.

Here’s are plots of Solar Radiation and UV index for the entire day.

Is your station marked as public? I just tried to view it and only get a blank screen.

Station is indeed set to private so no one can look at it.

From what I can see under the hood all ‘seems’ ok but still these drops are not normal and I have no explanation for it.

Please do open a support ticket and they will help you out.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you could set a public location different from the actual location. You should be able to see the station now. On the 26th the VIS sensor experienced multiple multi-minute dropouts.This was during a Santa Ana Winds day with a maximum wind gust of 29mph and a relative humidity low of 8%. On the 27th with a relative humidity low of 11% only one partial dropout occurred at 12:18pm. Today, with a relative humidity low of 19%, there were two small dropouts (at 12:10pm and 1:51pm) of the type that I’ve been seeing now for several months. I sent in a report to Support on the 26th and am waiting to hear back from them.