Visibility into & Control of Continuous Learning Processes

I personally would love to be able to customize the reference stations that CL uses for each measured parameter. Another feature would be to cut off CL for a particular parameter and the a ability to do your own calibrations if needed.

probably there is a lot more involved than just matching some nearby station’s value. I’m guessing they use trusted sources with some fancy modelling to get the expected value at your station.Support can turn of CL for some parameters (mine is turned off for UV until they figure out what has happened). Personally I would prefer to have the station only calibrated say once a year, assuming the drift in values is small.

Sure. I just personally wouldn’t use CWOP and other PWS stations in the formula. IMO, CWOP and PWS stations are not very reliable and I wouldn’t trust MADIS to help either.

I have two Davis stations and I wouldn’t want CL to use my station as a reference for humidity. Now for rainfall, I wouldn’t mind since Davis fixed their rain gauge issues with their new tipping spoon. I would rather CL use ASOS/AWOS stations, COOP, CoCoRAHS, & Campbell Scientific stations that universities use.

IMO, using CWOP/WU stations would put a damper in the effectiveness of the CL system. But I could totally be wrong here.


Yes, this is true. Multiple data sources are used for each analysis and the specifics can change with each new analysis based on the quality control processes.

We do have a project on our roadmap to give the users more visibility into, and control over, the CL process. But it’s not high on the priority list at the moment - we’re more focused on making sure the process works as well as possible!

I’m going to change the name of this feature request from “Customizing Continuous Learning” to a more general “Visibility into & Control of Continuous Learning Processes”. This can be a good thread to capture input on what’s most important to station owners. Can’t promise we’ll implement all of the ideas, of course, but we’ll do our best. Thanks for starting it off @jgentry!


If you have votes left, please vote on this. If you don’t have any votes, just comment on here. That lets WF know that there is high interest and should be raised up in the priority list. Thanks!