Viewing tempest weather awhile away?

Hello. Quick question, can I view tempest app weather if I’m on vacation somewhere else either on weather underground or some other way? Thankyou

Yes, you can use the Tempest app like normal

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You can also use a web browser to view your station. Click the share icon at the bottom of the app and it will display the link to your station.


I’m looking for the share icon can’t find it where does it say that on the app?

At the very bottom of the app. It should look something like one of these.

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You can find everyones station on this map (including yours if it is not set to private).
After you have selected a station click the yellow title again to go into a page similar to the app view

And click the Tempest logo to view the card view.
Click a reading on the card view to see a graph.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hello, can you explain to me why the hub turns from green to blue from time to time? Thanks

Green indicates hub is linked to wifi, blue is linked to bluetooth.

Yes but does that mean it will switch back and forth all the time?

It will connect to BT when the app is opened and BT is on and in range.