Using tempest as remote weather station?

Has anyone done any work on using the tempest as a remote weather station ? My idea is that if I can sniff the bluetooth packets from the sky sensor then I can install it remotely and send the data from a remote connection via LoRa radio connection. Even better would be to tap into a serial connnection before the data even gets to the bluetooth radio and send that data via LoRa

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  1. The Air/Sky/Tempest do not communicate by Bluetooth, but rather sub-gHz radio that has an almost-LoRa range outdoors with no obstructions.

  2. Have you checked out some of the Tempest packages listed on the now-closed Kickstarter campaign, such as the Remote Kit that will include a cellular Hub with a weatherproof box and solar power? I’m patiently waiting for mine, to place on a mountain top piece of property that my famliy owns in another state…

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