Update to Setup Documentation for New Users

The Tempest “Initial Setup” documentation needs to be updated.

The Tempest ships with a Quick Start guide that instructs you to download the app and follow the setup instructions. However, the step for syncing the Tempest to the hub is missing the step to push the clear button. As a result I was trying in vain to sync for hours with no success. I finally found the button push step in a trouble shooting guide “Tempest Troubleshooting Guide (Setup, WiFi, Hub & Tempest)” online. Once I pushed the button it synced instantly. Adding this step to the setup instructions would be very helpful.

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Hi @dustind, thanks for your feedback and for wanting to help. That is greatly appreciated.

This reset step is actually not required. It is only necessary if the initial pairing was unsuccessful or if the Tempest is for some reason still ‘married’ to another Hub (mistake in production/calibration center).

If you scroll down further or jump to: Setup Troubleshooting you’ll see this reset step detailed.

That documentation is not easily found, I had to go to the website to find the information - suggest elevating it into the app text instead of it just saying ‘try again’. Just a suggestion that might be helpful.