This would help a lot I think

If Weatherflow included the actual Tempest charging status to the available data for developers / end users it would help greatly so we could see instantly when the internal battery is actually charging and when it is not charging.
This would reduce the amount of people complaining when the battery eventually dies, and it would enable Weatherflow to see the charge status of the devices and see if it actually needs the external power booster unit
We would also know if we need to get an additional means of powering the device rather than it dying and not knowing why

probably not what you are asking for, but when the battery power goes up in the graph, it is charging. if it dies because it didn’t charge, that is quite obvious in the charts.
I don’t know if the unit even has a signal that it is charging, so even the unit would need to look for an increase in power.
The power booster on the other hand, probably does get a signal from the unit to start working. Still that doesn’t tell the unit if it is actually charging.

I was thinking an acutal flag/ event when it’s charging or not charging, that way we could use it in our apps to post a message on the display, or evan an led to say charging or not
Obviously Weatherflow would only activate this message when daylight and solar radiation is enough to actually start the charging but it isn’t charging

What I was trying to tell you is that I don’t think that the unit actually has a signal that it is charging (it might, but I don’t think so). So it cannot raise that flag. What would be possible is to do what we humans would do, and that is to look at the change in battery power, if it goes up, it is charging. But is that very useful or helpful? Normally users shouldn’t care about the unit charging or not, but that is of course only true as long as you don’t have a problem. If you have a problem, the graphs would give you probably better diagnostics then a flag that is in fact simply based on what is shown in the graph (Flag is raised when power goes up).
I’m not against such a flag, but doubt is usefulness.

Another derived metric???

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