The hawk has left its mark

I have a hawk that loves to perch here. Figured it was time to take it down and see what it’s done.

Cleanup was pretty easy. Looks like this is going to be another chore every month.

Just don’t rub hard on the lower part of the gap, there is a coating that doesn’t like rubbing. It is pretty fragile. Be careful !

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For the lower part (superhydrophobic coating). . .use a small spray bottle slightly filled with some sort of bleach. . .plus water. . .and lightly “mist” all around the bottom. Then use a damp paper towel to “pinch-blot” around the bottom. . .but as mentioned by @eric. . .“Just don’t rub hard on the lower part of the gap.” You may have to repeat this misting process several times to achieve the desired effect (like new-looking). You can also use the mist to clean off the radiation shields and the top portion. . .just be careful not to bump it too hard or else the haptic sensors may think they are rain drops of some sort.

Lastly. . .you might consider obtaining the official WeatherFlow Tempest Bird Deterrent Accessory. Navigate to. . .


Wait until you get a flock of birds that decide to use the nice white Tempest as target practice. Nothing like having lights turn on in the home on a sunny day due to the sensor being blocked. At least they aren’t using mine as a helipad.

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I have a fibre glass mopoke owl perched on top of the TV antenna pole. It is about 3 meters lower than the Tempest and about 8-9 meters distant. Few birds fly past the house above the roof line.
But, birds being smart, sooner or later they twig that it is not a real owl and even perch on the TV antenna. But not for long as up the road a couple of houses there resides a real mopoke owl who dines quite well on those birds which stop being afraid of the fibre glass owl.
Birds do not use my tempest as a roost and my roof under the TV antenna is not fouled by bird excrement.

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