Tempest sensor_status field

I’ve got a bunch of device_status events coming from my Tempest with non-zero sensor_status fields, but this doc doesn’t seem to have been updated to show what they mean coming from a Tempest device: https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/udp/v143/

Anyone know what the sensor_status values are for Tempest?

They are the same as the Air/Sky.

Hmmm…makes me wonder then why I’m getting so many lightning failures and at such regular intervals.

What is the value you are seeing?

I’ve got 641 1s (lightning failed), two 8s (pressure failed) and one 9 (not defined). The graph I posted is just 1s.

The 9 is a 1 and 8…

Submit a ticket to support.

Dumb question…how do I do that?

At the very top of this page there should be a support link.

Yup…just saw it right after I asked my dumb question. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Eric. Thanks for your questions!

First, in case Gary’s answer to your question about a sensor_status value of “9” wasn’t totally clear, the important part is to know that the decimal value you see in the sensor_status field is actually a series of booleans. They are bit flags, so you need to decompose them into their binary representation to see which ones are set.

Second. your excessive/intermittent lightning sensor failure issue is most likely caused by a bug in the firmware that will be fixed in the next firmware update, coming very soon, as noted over here!

Finally, regarding your observation of a couple “pressure fail” flags, I wouldn’t worry about them. A few sporadic “sensor fail” flags does not necessarily mean your sensor is failed or failing - the flags are pretty sensitive and false positives are common. Keep an eye on it and open a support ticket if they increase or you notice an issue with the data.

PS: Do you want to trade a Tempest for a few Splunk licenses? :wink:


Count me in if it is a group buy! :wink:

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Both will put a hole in your budget, but Splunk can bankrupt you quicker !!!

I’ll trade you a spare Sky for another Yeti if you throw in shipping…


Ha! I wish I could help you out there! Have you looked at the free license? I think it’s good for something like 500MB of daily ingest.


I’m getting a continous sensor_status of 4096 – way off the doc “chart”…anyone know what that might be trying to tell me? (Thanks!)

That doesn’t sound possible. Even if all bits were set, the highest you could go would be 511.

I know! That’s bit 17…since it’s been overcast here for a week, and the battery voltage is now 2.39, I got to wondering if it’s not related to the “mode” of that. I just thought it was weird!

We are waiting for @dsj to update us on the new sensor changes.

We finally got some sun today! The voltage is going up…and when it was 2.42, I noticed the “sensor_status” is now showing “2048”. Can’t help but wonder if it’s not related…I guess we’ll wait for David…

Well, 2048 is only half as weird as 4096. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: