Stop Alexa from reporting very old lighting reports

When I ask Alexa “Ask weatherflow what’s the weather” it always provides the last lightning date and distance even if it was weeks ago.

Alexa should only report lighting strikes that occurred in the last day at most.

I opened a bug report with Weatherflow and was told
" The Alexa skill goes through each parameter by default, so, even if a lightning strike was old, the fact there were no lightning strikes recently is still a piece of information that gets divulged."

So I am opening this feature request. Seems like Weatherflow should be able to zero out the Lighting if it occurred more than 24 hours earlier.

Personally I think it is useless info anyway. If it is more than 8 hours ago (or even less), it deserves no place on the page, and should just report three dashes. If you really want to see when the last strike was, you go through the history or the graphs. The page should tell us about the current weather condition, not about something that happened weeks ago.