Station Offline - multiple times over the last 3 days

So I’ve now received 6 notifications over the last 3 days that my hub and station are going offline and then reconnecting. Things I know to be true about the current setup and situation of my Tempest:

  1. The hub has remained fully powered and plugged in with no interruption of power
  2. The wifi within the house has had no interruptions (I actively monitor it through my UniFi application)
  3. The Hub is on Firmware v143 and the station is on Firmware v129
  4. Both devices show RSSI -60

As this is not a power or wifi issue what else should I be looking at? The full system was setup on 28 June and powered on. I did have to move the hub once so that it was in a better position to receive a more constant and direct wifi signal from the local AP its now connected to. Up until the 28th there were ZERO issues with connection based on the logs.

I originally though that the system was trying to perform the firmware updates but now I see that it’s still on the original firmware it was shipped with.

Looking for suggestions from the Pros that have been using this system for more than a month or two or some input from the @WeatherFlow folks directly.