Snow detection?

we purchased tempest WeatherStation It has everything we need except a snow detection will Tempest be coming out with a weather station that will detect snow we are interested in purchasing one through tempest we are looking to get it for the next winter season it really helps out in our snow removal business Hope to see you soon will be waiting no hurry till next winter then will be looking online!

I don’t think that is possible with current design. Snow measurement is difficult with most rain gauges. Heated tipping bucket is about the best you can do.

a heated tipping bucket would measure the water equivalent of the snow, but not the snow height. There are different methods for doing that, projecting a dot or a pattern on the snow and measure how that changes, ultrasonic methods, and some more.

Snow height measurement would be an amazing addition to Tempest.

Understood it requires a heating element that’s how it measures snow I see many devices on the market that measure snow totals its twice as much money as the tempest weather station but I am going to buy one but I would like to purchase one through tempest for as I run a snow removal business and we’re going to be purchasing one this November if you have anything available by then let us know and we will gladly purchase it through tempest thank you have a great day

I know the snowmobile crowd in the UP of Michigan use camera’s pointing to metered measuring poles and a little bit of image processing to report snow fall and accumulation.

Gee… soon the Tempest will be making your morning coffee :slight_smile:


:crazy_face:Will it be compatible with 2.0 Kcups?


that’s a great solution. love that one.

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That’s my crowd. I use the NWS snow data maps, those are accurate enough for ride planning.

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