Sky Unit Quit with no Warning (solution: check batteries)

Sky unit stopped working over a week ago. Did not receive any notification of battery drainage or hub/internet error (Air unit is still working just fine). What is the maintenenance process for this type of unit failure?

Check the batteries.

What is your station ID?

Hi Gary,

Thank you and good to see you again. Yes I am aware to check batteries…reporting it in forum for content material and due process for our team.

Hi Shea,

Visit WeatherFlow’s Help Center:
Here’s the Troubleshooting guide for Smart Weather Stations:
And a link to troubleshooting steps for this issue:

Check your battery voltage graphs, but first you’ll have to enable the battery cards for your station. Go to settings > stations > choose your station > advanced > enable battery cards. Now go back to the home screen and note the sharp drop in voltage typical of lithium batteries. Looks like those batteries are dead!

By enabling the battery cards to your station home screen in the app you will be able to see battery level indicators. However, the “replace” threshold is a short window considering the nature of lithium batteries which retain a higher voltage output throughout their life and drop dramatically once the charge is depleted.

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Thank you Tim! Appreciate the instructional on how to check voltage.