Sensor Status says Wind Failed but I am getting current wind values

The Sensor Status has returned to OK.

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Failed again but readings keep coming in. It is possible this has been happening for a while. I just happened to check the Status page today.

Mine says the same thing but readings look normal. What did you do to get it back to ok status?

I didn’t do anything to get the Status back to OK. The Tempest switched between Wind Failed and OK frequently for about a week and combined with other issues support decided it needed to be replaced.

MOst of the time the wind values seemed OK when the Status was Wind Failed. It was when the Status was OK that I had long periods of 0 wind when there clearly was wind.

I setup the replacement yesterday. Some values seem off from other stations in the area but I’m waiting a few weeks to see if it adjusts over time due to the Continuous Learning logic.