Screen lock widget for iOS 16?

Apparently a separate widget must be created for the screen lock. I use the current widget on Home Screen, but it would be nice to simply tap the phone to check the widget without unlocking.

I agree, Lock Screen Widgets would be an essential addition to the app.

These are currently in testing and should be coming soon. Apple only allows you to use their predefined “templates” so they are simpler than the homescreen widgets, however they will allow you to open the app from the lock screen.

Thanks for the info on the screen lock widgets.
When they are completed please announce them in the Tempest email newsletter.
Thanks again.

So, will we be able to see our basic information like temperature/wind/current conditions from the Lock Screen widget without tapping on it, or will we simply have an icon (w/o data) visible from the Lock Screen that when tapped just opens the Tempest app?

There will be data displayed.

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