Screen lock widget for iOS 16?

Apparently a separate widget must be created for the screen lock. I use the current widget on Home Screen, but it would be nice to simply tap the phone to check the widget without unlocking.

I agree, Lock Screen Widgets would be an essential addition to the app.

These are currently in testing and should be coming soon. Apple only allows you to use their predefined “templates” so they are simpler than the homescreen widgets, however they will allow you to open the app from the lock screen.

Thanks for the info on the screen lock widgets.
When they are completed please announce them in the Tempest email newsletter.
Thanks again.

So, will we be able to see our basic information like temperature/wind/current conditions from the Lock Screen widget without tapping on it, or will we simply have an icon (w/o data) visible from the Lock Screen that when tapped just opens the Tempest app?

There will be data displayed.

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Looks like this thread is a little over a month old. Is there any estimate when this custom control on the lock screen will be made available?

The weather where we live is warmer or cooler because we live next to a large body of water and the city weather temperature and forecast is usually off quite a bit because of this fact, that’s why we love using our Tempest weather station because we actually know what’s going on where we live first as what the weather services should be happening.

They came out with build 5.02. They are currently limited to basic info, but I am hoping to expand them to include more and other types of data. There are currently three types, one for the top date area, a larger one with conditions and high/low and one temperature gauge.


Customize your Home Screen:

Once added you tap the widget to bring up the location selection:

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This must be an example from Android because on IOS we’re not able to utilize the one for the top date area. And that’s too bad because that is the only one I am interested in of the three that were developed.

Those are from iOS. You can use the top area just fine. There should be an entry for Tempest when you tap the top area.

Someone was quicker :sunglasses:

I have no issue to set it on my iPhone 13 with iOS16.1RC

Thank you both. User error. I didn’t realize that I could now add a widget to the date row. I’ve updated mine correctly. Thanks again.


Any way to add live wind, looks only to be temp.

Unfortunately screen lock widgets don’t update in a timely manner so it’s hard to have “live” data of anything really. I have been wanting to add more lock screen widgets so I can add wind, just know that the update interval is at best once every 15 minutes.

Something that might be more useful in the future though is the new iOS 16 “Live Activities” to display this information. I have toyed with them a bit, however I was waiting on some bugs on Apple’s end to get sorted out before really diving in. I’ll look into them some more when I have spare cycles and see if it’s reasonable to add in an upcoming build.