Reduce amount of datapoints transmitted

Hi folks,

first: I really love my tempest weatherstation! I have it running now for a few months and it’s doing a great job!

I’m not using the tempest app or website to view my data but I’m using a addon for Homeassistant (see here: GitHub - briis/smartweather: WeatherFlow Smart Weather Component for Home Assistant) and it’s doing fine. For me thats the better solution because I have it fully integrated in my smart home and be able to run automations which depend on the weather outside.

But there is one thing which is really a problem: The weatherstation is sending way too much datapoints and additionally that changes depending on the state of the battery. If the battery is fully charged, the weatherstation is sending data for temperature and other environmental data several times per second! As I keep the data for two years, one can imagine, that this is filling up my storage quite fast - at least for me it’s unnecessary and I can’t really imagine a use case where one would like to have multiple measurement points per second?
Also as I’m viewing my Weatherdata with Grafana, it’s not possible to calculate the amount of rain recorded because the sampling rate changes depending on voltage status of the battery. (More here: Solar Power & Rechargeable Battery – WeatherFlow Support)

So what I would need is the possibility to adjust the sampling rate to a fixed value. To me it would be sufficient to get temperature, humidity (and so on) data only once per minute or even less. I don’t need an update several times per second. Not only that having so much datapoints leads to much more storage consumption, it also slows down historical graphs significantly.

if it sends data several times per second, than something is wrong with your integration. The fastest that happens is wind measurements, which are done at most once every 3 seconds. Many other parameters are only measured once a minute.

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with regard to the accumulated rain… that is one of the reported data points. It also reports rain rate. I assume you want to use the accumulated rain (which doesn’t depend on rain rate).

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I suspect we should move your new topic to the home assistant discussion. The home assistant should reduce how often it is getting or saving the data. As Sunny pointed out the Tempest does not send data as often as your system is collecting it.
I see @Max has been discussing home assistant, he might know.
And the description at the github link describes that it sources the data using the API.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile: