Rain Check Correction Question

I’ve been up and running for about 10 days now. We finally had rain this past Friday. My Tempest showed 0.84 as the total while my Vantage Pro showed a total of 1.01. This morning I noticed that rain check had reduced my total to 0.30 for the day. That is way off and I’m wondering why it would decrease the totals that much ?

Edit… I just checked the data for the station that the NWS uses for official climate data in my area (KCLL) The airport is about 5 miles wsw of where I live. Only 0.11 was reported for Friday there, I’m assuming this data was used in reducing my total. The heavier rain passed to the east of the airport and we had much heavier rain on the east side of town than the west.

I had hoped rain check would help with the under reporting of totals that seems to be common but it seems that it may lower totals as well and show lower totals in areas that may have had locally heavier rains.

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Rain Check is not easy to explain but this help page should already give you some details.

For some it really works well, for some less and in that case disabling it is better.
Hope this will help you already in the good direction and remember you can ask support.

And there is also this option taking some time to become good but for some it did wonders