Photos of Air Installation

A topic to share how we mounted the Air device.

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Here is what I did.



Not going to post one right now

  1. I’m stil moving it around near the house to find the least bad spot as there is no place without sun, to much trees → humidity is over estimated
  2. I really need a screen for the Air module but can’t find any suitable one
  3. It is screwed on an old camera tripod +/- 1m above ground, once again far from good standards.

Regarding screen, the one mentioned on Indiegogo is only available in the US or with heavy transport costs to Europe … and I’d really like to find a Stevenson screen but the only one I found is double price of the complete WF setup … also a bit overdone :face_with_head_bandage:

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Hi, Eric,

You should look at building one. It’s really simple.


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Ok, I’ll bite. Had a convenient place where the sun never reaches.


This is my Air on 2510m IMG_20180126_084448


that’s real extreme … is the air module in a screen ?

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That’s so awesome ~ I love it! :+1:

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I am awaiting for the SKY to arrive and they I will get a sun shield and install it with the SKY which will be 10 feet from the highest point of my roof. Right now is outside next to one off the window where the sun never reach it. I had it in the roof before but as soon as the sun hit it the temperature will sky rocket like 15-20 degrees above what it was supposed to be. Temperature is working perfect but the unit is not detecting all lightning but it is understandable as it is blocked from S and W view.

Url for weather unit:

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This was the easiest option for me. Not ideal as it is above a garden bed that may make the humidity readings right there a little higher, but for the time being, it is doing fine.



I like it. It looks good there.

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If the color is white will be better, or you can paint it to white color.

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I hear you, and thanks for the suggestions. That was that is the only colour they had that size/price. I am not that much of a weather geek, so if it is out a bit, I am ok with that. The reason I backed is for integration with home automation. Initially for detecting lightning, and rain (once they have the SmartThings integration set up).


A little snow never hurt. :slight_smile:


My Air installation. On a photographic tripod placed in amongst bamboo bushes to shield from the sun but is given plenty of ventilation.


I’ve pressed an old iPad into service, placed on a stand, as a weather station console using Wunder Station from the app store. I’ve added a timer to the power supply so it’s not being charged the whole time and the battery is allowed to discharge before being recharged.


I just can’t wait for the Sky to arrive to be able to add the wind speed and precipitation widgets!


Hihi, it’s real! The weather conditions are here very :sunglasses:
This winter about 145 km/h wind and -25 °C…

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Must the Sky unit be mounted a certain distance from the house? I would think simply mounting it on the north side of your house would eliminate the need for a shield since the sun never reaches it.


The sky should not be shielded, the Sky is the unit recording wind, rain, sun …

it should be best or in open field or above your house. In any case with at least as possible surrounding as not to disturb wind flow. Same for the sun and rain part, no shade or obstacles that can hinder it to ‘feel’ the rain drops on it’s top.

But I guess you’re talking about the Air module that should be in the shade but open to wind flow etc. As usual with these units, if you can have a shield properly mounted it will be more precise.


The Sky does not need a shield and should be mounted where it is in sunlight.

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Yes, sorry, meant to say Air. I was thinking of attaching it to the north side of my house. No sun there. Or does it need more space for air flow?

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