Option to turn off barometric pressure readings

I have ordered two additional Air sensors for my station. One does not need to see barometric pressures for all the Air devices at the same site. While you allow turning off display of lighting detection on Air sensors, you, unbelievably, do not also allow turning off display of the pressure readings. How could this issue not have come up before? Showing all that redundancy will only clutter up the screen, taking away very valuable real estate for the needed display items. Please consider adding this option to your device settings.

@wcstarks In the meantime, try this: using your Smart Weather App on a smartphone or tablet > goto the main blue dashboard view > tap and hold any data “card” > then drag it up or down to rearrange the order of display exactly how you wish. :+1:

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When you get to this, also allow toggling the Temperature/Humidity.

Thanks. That helps a lot. But I still see a big need for more display options for the dashboard display.
For example:
I am currently displaying the dashboard on a 10" iPad as a console in our family room. The main numbers are too small to read from around the room. Forget about reading the dew point, humidity and other small numbers, unless you are fairly close to the display.

Also, white on sky blue provides poor contrast at a distance. We need to have more control over how the dashboard is displayed.

As I said somewhere here in the past :
A functionality to disable each measured value separate would be a perfect solution, as well for those who would like to combine Tempest with an additional Air