New Tempest.. new rain errors - self calibrate?

I had my tempest replaced under warranty recently.

We had our first rain today and it reports .77" while the analog rain gauge is .36". Rain was fairly normal… mainly moderate rainfall rates… 4 hours of light to moderate rain…

Does the tempest self-calibrate now or do you still have to enter this data into the Tempest calibration web page?


If you submit a support request I suspect that they can set the same calibration to the new Tempest. And if they can not do that they will tell you.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

You may want to turn on NearCast for now. The new Tempest I put up in January, and did not report manual rain gauge readings for, has been tracking reasonably well so I suspect there is a fair amount of self calibration going on now. Remember that NC Rain settings does not mean that the actual measured values aren’t also kept. The setting is merely a toggle for which value is displayed.

What is the link to the Tempest calibration web page? I have a CoCoRaHS rain gauge next to my Tempest station that I could use to calibrate.

This post has the directions on what to do to set up manual rain reporting.