Mounts in high wind

Brand new Tempest owner - REALLY impressed so far. I’m looking for the “best” permanent mounting solution.

I’ve currently got an Acurite All-in-One on a 1" cast iron pipe about 15’ in the air and one of the problems I have with that, and have had with other AiO setups, is that in winds above about 20 MPH (which we get around here) the pipe sways enough to tip the tipping bucket rain gauge.

I ALSO have a Switchdoc Labs SkyWeather2 (which the Tempest will be replacing) on a 4x4 10’ in the air (the 4x4 is bolted to a 4x44 fence post that’s well-anchored). That setup also sways; but only in winds above about 30 MPH.

Right now, the Tempest is on top of a 4x4 post, about 4’ off the ground. I want to go higher. I’m thinking 10’ on a 1 inch pipe that’s coupled to a 1 1/2 5’ pipe in the ground and clamped to the side of my 4x4 post - so, about 6 or 7 feet “unsupported”. While the wind load in the Tempest is pretty small, I’m still concerned about sway.

I thought about using a 10’ 4x4; but I’m a little concerned about the long term results of putting so much load on the plastic shoulders around the screw mount.

I’d appreciate any wisdom the group can share!

Clay Jackson
Amateur Radio N7QNM