Lightning Detector CTG and CTC?

Does the lightning detector detect both Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning?

I notice it shows many more lightning events than my Ambient LIghtning detector. Wondering if the ambient only shows cloud to ground?


The AS3935 from ams is a programmable lightning sensor IC that detects the presence and approach of potentially hazardous lightning activity in the vicinity. It detects intra-cloud activity, as well as cloud to ground flashes, often enabling risk to be evaluated for approaching storms.

The AS3935 detects lightning activity as it approaches from up to 40 km away. In addition, the AS3935 identifies and rejects interference signals from common man-made sources, including fluorescent lighting, motors, microwave ovens, and switches.

Based on scientific research, the distance of the storm activity can be statistically calculated from the measured signals. This information allows the user to set warning levels appropriate for their specific application. Personal safety can be set at the most conservative alert, whereas equipment protection can balance confidence, signal strength, and battery life


If you are looking at the WF app, then you will likely have many more strikes than your Ambient sensor due to the fact that your Tempest System is more than just your Tempest sensor and hub. WeatherFlow uses more than just your station for the lightning data.