Lightning cause by house lights on SKY unit

I am currently running an AIR, Sky, Tempest Beta and Tempest production… they are all about 10’ from each other. I am not sure if this plays into anything.

For some reason, over the last few weeks I started noticing random lightning strikes when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It took me some time to figure it out, but I have learned that the 2 bedrooms in the back of my house, that face the units,trigger the lightning when the lights go on (and sometimes off).

Is this something I can do do fix? I dont think this is normal, especially since it hasnt done it for months on end and is relatively new. I was an Indiegogo backer, but I dont remember when the SKY was delivered to me… some time ago.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Either you have dirty switches on those lights or the lights have issues. Somewhere you have some arcing happening and it should be corrected ASAP.

@GaryFunk thanks for the quick reply. The switches were put in more than 10 years ago and nothing has changed (wiring wise/maintenance wise) and the SKY didnt catch these until just a few weeks ago… all that has changed is the Tempest Production unit was installed near by

Eliminate everything you can. Move it, turn it off, shoot it till you find what’s causing it noise.

LED and CFL light bulbs have been known to do that. I had a first-gen Cree LED bulb in one of my ceiling fans that would trigger a strike from 30 feet away…

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@vreihen they are LED bulbs, from Home Depot, nothing special… but they have been in the ceiling fans (both rooms have the same fans, led bulbs and switches)… but they have had no hardware change in years, and the lightning notifications are so new… very confusing

Bulbs degrade, switches degrade, connections degrade, sockets degrade. It doesn’t matter if they have been there 1 year or 10 years. In fact the older it is the more susceptible it is to failure. The only way to solve the issue is to test everything. You have to start somewhere, start with the easy things.

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Are you saying fixing the house or ignoring the AIR?

Those are your two choices. I would start with the LEDs.


My LED bulbs are Cree from Home Depot. One of them developed a barely-visible flicker over time. My suggestion is to unscrew the bulbs one at a time over several days, until you find the culprit…


Ill give that a try, thanks… to everyone, I will try a few things and see what happens

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