Lets skip fridays

That’s weird. It still is Thursday, but the forecast seems to miss Friday. (on firefox)

Shows fine on mine using Firefox.

check again at 23:30

I have noticed that it does that when the next day is within an hour. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is the app or web.


this is something for @corrineb if confirmed

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I thought so, and that’s why I included here name in the post

If we are going to skip any day it’s certainly not going to be Friday! We will take a look and let you know what we find. Thanks for the report!

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yeah, but i didn’t want to wait till Monday to report this :wink:

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@sunny Fair enough :slight_smile: At least we didn’t skip Saturday. That’s my favorite day of the week :slight_smile:

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Tuesday. Next Monday is our Labor Day holiday here in the USA…


Engineer I worked with once said “never run a test in Friday’s”…

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Here are screen shots from today.

As you can see, the forecast is for the next hour after the current hour. This is why it appears a day is missing when viewing the forecast screen after 23:00, the next forecast hour exists in the next day.

That was discussed here a few weeks ago. It happens every day at 2300 hours.

I understand what is going on, but still that isn’t today’s forecast

Since the hourly includes Today, the first day in the list below it should probably just name the day like the rest of them.

or perhaps still show the today’s forecast for the current hour till midnight, instead of only for the next hour till midnight.

I noticed this happened to mine just before midnight when I clicked on “Today.”

We have tracked down this issue and a round of app updates is needed to get it fixed. I’ll keep you posted when those updates roll out. Thanks for the help in tracking this one down!


thanks for the update.

Just noticed the Tempest forecasting the first snow for my area and it’s missing data from the previous day.