Itfff Not Updated to Support New Tempest

Many of the Itfff applets say option not available under, which device? Apparently only some of them are aware of Tempest even though the applet should logically work.

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This is disappointing. I can’t help but feel like the Tempest isn’t ready for prime time. Hopefully updates to follow in the coming months.

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And exactly why do you feel that way?

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Tertiary support is on the list of updates to be completed. It may take a few weeks for the WeatherFlow developers get through all the tasks required the Tempest.

You just answered your question.

This and so many other things haven’t been enabled yet. There’s even some calibration stuff that isn’t turned on yet.

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I disagree with your assertion. The Tempest is absolutely ready for prime time.

The calibration you speak of is a result of the Continuous Learning system which gathers data over a period of several days and then applies a calibration setting to the device.

As for IFTTT, so few use it and there are so many more prioritized tasks that come ahead of it.

I see that your answer is, WeatherFlow hasn’t addressed the item that is important to you so therefore the Tempest should not have been released to anyone.

And if that is indeed your position, I and many many others here will discuss that position…The Tempest does indeed do exactly what is intended and is ready for release.


I never said it shouldn’t be released to everyone. That was my opinion. Don’t take my words out of context.

There has been multiple bugs, items not finished, and certain calibration hasn’t been turned on yet. It has not been turned on for calculating temperature based on wind and other parameters. Those are all facts.

I think the product is a few weeks ago with some firmware releases needed.

WeatherFlow isn’t above criticism.

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It’s sufficient for me to know updating IFTTT is on a list for eventual completion. I’m very happy with my new Tempest WS.

Just saw a little notice from the developers. IFTTT has been modified to fully support the Tempest.

Please let us know if something isn’t working as expected.

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for more info please see the announcement