It would nice to be able to measure snowfall

I live where we have as much snow as we do rain. I would like my tempest to be able to give me a snowfall reading as well as rain as both precipitation. Can this be done? Would anyone else be interested?

The haptic sensor technology can’t account for snowfall. It has a hard enough time accounting for rainfall. There are really expensive setups that can do that, but pretty much out of the reach of personal weather stations. However, you can just measure the snow yourself. :+1:

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Thank you but I figured this unit is so amazing, to add the ability to measure snow as well as rain would be great. Sure, I can go out with a meauring stick but it would sure be nice to be able to just look at the monitor in the warm house.

Not for 300 bucks unfortunately. Suggest you stick a measuring stick in the ground someplace you can see it with binoculars. (I actually do this when it snows here once every couple years)

You’re right there. 300 is ridiculous!

nowadays we don’t get enough snow anymore to make it interesting for me, but you could indeed put a reflective stick (great for night time) in the ground and even automate the reports by using a simple raspberry pi with camera and some leds to illuminate the stick. Should be easy enough to program.

I even found something you could try


Wow. From all the info that came back I think I’ll go with the yardstick on the deck option. Thanks everyone.

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Great. What I’ll end up doing. Thanks

I did the yardstick snow stick thing - up to 6" here in never-snowy-Seattle/Tacoma and snowing heavily.
Fortunately I did remember to take the inner tube out out of the CoCoRAHS gauge so it didn’t freeze up. Gotta love just peeking at the yardstick with binoculars to get the current reading.

I’m doing the rain equivalent of the snow by math. Measure the tare weight of the CoCoRAHS gauge, get the weight of water for a full 1" inner tube. Do the simple math to get the water equivalent. For me, it’s 201 grams per inch of rain as the gauge measures it. Super quick too, just weigh it quickly and stick the gauge back out til tomorrow.

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A snow measurement feature would be a big advantage, specially for people living under cold weather conditions. Like North Europe with 107 million people, and four months with snow. My Tempest show four months without any rainfall, even it is 1 meter with snow on the ground.
Trygve Gulliksen

I moved you request into this one as it is already an existing, add your vote on top.

And it would also increase sales world wide as winter and snow can be devistating.

Great discussion everyone. Unfortunately, accurately measuring snowfall accumulation with the haptic rain sensor is not possible. This topic will be closed and votes returned.

We will keep in mind a snowfall forecast for the future. Snow accumulation maps, etc. would also be a great feature. Adding a manual snow depth entry for users to record events is a wonderful idea and definitely a possibility.