iOS and iPadOS Shortcut for Tempest locations

I created a Shortcut action to quickly check the weather at a variety of Tempest locations around the world.

I have a ‘Choose from Menu’ action that allows me to select from about 20 Tempest locations that I’ve set up URL links to. Click here to import the Shortcut example and customize how you like. I only left a few options in this draft version, but you can always add additional.

I also have the Shortcuts widget showing so I can quickly click the Shortcut and choose a location; optionally, you could add the Shortcut directly to your home screen.

Bonus: Rename the shortcut then say “Hey Siri, < name of shortcut >”


This is neat! Do you know if it’s possible to get historical data for a date? I’d love to add these values to a Numbers spreadsheet, but it looks like this basic API only provides access to the current observations; I need yesterday’s.

There is a WF IFTTT action (“Log Tempest data to Google Sheets”) that will automatically log data to a Google sheet every minute. You could set that up and then transfer the data to Numbers.

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There is a way to get historical data, check out the Developers section.

Please add Apple Homekit/Siri support as soon as possible. this station is a great unit and adding homekit support will make even better

Mark Hood

Be sure to vote for this feature if you haven’t already: HomeKit feature request