Installation question - On/OFF switch on bottom of unit


I am new user of Tempest and am considering installation options.

Question: How many of you have had to reset the sensor station by flipping the On/Off switch to Off and then ON again?

This was a solution for a person who had an issue earlier today on this forum… and before I do a “permanent” install I would like to know if I need very easy access to the station?

So… any feedback on whether you needed occasional access to the station would be appreciated.

Thanks… George

Hi George

Most people never have issues if the station is setup and gets plenty of sunlight to charge. If your worried I would suggest that you set it up in a easy to get to sunny spot and let it run a week or so. If no issues then move to the permanent location.

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Just a note that there is a power cycle as you describe to reboot the sensor. The LED on the bottom is also used to Reset the device which is different than a power cycle. Holding the button down for over 10sec will reset the unit to like it had never paired to a hub.

Only once with the setup, after that I never used it.

Never had to do so…