Indoor temperature/AQ sensor

Does anyone have any recommendations for an indoor temperature/AQ sensor? It must have an API that you can use to access your data.

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an air unit from weatherflow? o sorry that doesn’t measure AQ so no

I have had good luck with these:

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hi peter i built my own based on the Nova PM sensor kit from aliexpress and got a few additional bits locally like tubing,a ventilated enclosure .downside i ordered the nova in december it arrived april so a good search for nova pm sensor on aliexpress should return various kits or parts just beware can spend hours on there and most shipping times quote at 4 weeks that doesnt include localized delays .luftdaten if you need more info on diy kit try

if you want a ready made with a api access then airvisual i bought one end of 2018 looks pretty works ok indoors but not for anything outdoor unless you put in a well ventilated and rain-protected area .


this one looks interesting

Purple Air would work inside - you can query the unit via http for a JSON-formatted output of the data. - I have the outside version without SD card.

But looking inside, it’s basically an arduino with a couple sensors and a small fan blowing air across the sensors. I think their secret sauce is the firmware updates over the network and their online map etc.

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Thanks for all the suggestions - I shall check them out.

Really I am looking for something to act as an indoor sensor for the PiConsole. It’s not clear to me that the fabled Breathe module is going to make an appearance soon (or at all), so I am looking for alternatives.


I use the Ohmtech as it plugs into the RPi and it’s easy to pull the data directly.

Yea I do like the look of that one. Haven’t found a UK stockist yet but I’ll keep looking


If you go that route I’ll give you my configuration to give you a head start.

I’m still looking for other alternatives.

I have an Enviro+ HAT for one of my Pi Zero’s, plus many Oregon Scientific 433MHz sensors which I use with my RFXCom RFXtrx433 connected to another Pi. Also have the Nova PM sensor, but haven’t gotten around to setting it all up yet. And my Hue motion sensors all have temperature sensors. And of the easiest option of all, my indoor Air :slight_smile: Just a few ideas anyway.

Have a look to Shelly’S Indorsensor:

They ship within the EU and have an US-Store as well.

Additionally, they have an smoke sensor.

What’s your usecase ?

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The use case is an indoor sensor for the PiConsole. In the absence of the Breathe module, I was looking for an alternative that is widely available for purchase and simple to incorporate into the existing console code.

The Shelly’s look like a good option, but the reviews on Amazon don’t seem hugely positive. Have you had any experience of them?

but if you just want temperature and humidity, you could use an extra air unit. That should work. Don’t you think air quality should be based on more than just those two parameters.

This was my original plan, but now that Tempest has been released it seems like it is no longer possible to purchase Air units. Therefore only those of us who upgrade to Tempest, or those of us who already have a second Air, can use an Air for an indoor sensor.

So now I am basically looking for a third party sensor that can take the place of an indoor Air for those people who don’t have one. I would like to measure AQ as well as temperature and humidity (I definitely agree that you can’t get AQ from just temperature and humidity), but I also want something that is affordable, easy to set up (i.e. doesn’t require soldering etc.), available in both the UK/US and the rest of the world, and has an open API. I’d be happy to sacrifice AQ measurements to get something that fits that list.


O.k. the batteries are non “standard” AA or AAA and the needed CR123A is not included.
That might cause most if the bad moods.
My experice is mostly positive, but I used most of the time a custom firmware…
I think your usecase mighyt be able as well with the original firmware as it has some options for local access…
The power supply is an interesting option as well.:wink:

There are numerous decent indoor AQ devices on the market. We think the new Wynd Halo is quite interesting for a number of reasons. The uHoo device also stands out from the pack with a broad range of onboard sensors.

pick up a used one from somebody who went all-in on the Tempest, but it’s huge for what you’re trying to do…an arduino with a DHT22 sensor and you’re done for ten bucks.

If I don’t miss that point both of those solutions without a local API / data access. That’s one off the biggest pluses for the WF system.

So I still hope Breath is still alive…
and, here a meteorologist has to step in :wink: , the AQ, at least the dust level, might have influence to the (local) weather. So maybe interesting features not only for us customers :blush:

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I just stumbled on this thing based on Arduino

not sure it could work but since it is wifi and replies to get requests…