Impact of overhead power lines on lightning detector

I am considering purchasing a Tempest. The support section suggests that if the unit is placed too close to a significant electrical field, the lightning detector may be less reliable. I have tall power towers in my neighborhood and the power lines go through my back yard where I would place the station. The lines are probably 30-40 feet in the air and I’d likely mount the station about 10 feet high, but right under the power lines. I realize that may not be enough info, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts regarding interference issues. Thanks.

hard to tell. If your overhead powerlines generate a lot of sparks, it will be hard to avoid them being seen as lightning. If your AM radio doesn’t work because of the powerlines, it will be hard for the unit to do its job. Otherwise the unit might(!) just work fine.


Hi there. That’s difficult to say. The sensor can be susceptible to non-lightning sources of EMF. That said, Tempest has some unique features that help eliminate false positives. Seem more here: