Hurricane Laura

For those not fleeing it, here is a map from Weatherflow with details and prediction models,-89.008,7,8


Thank you for sharing. I was not aware of this site.

very cool. thanks for the link

interesting map. One thing that drew my attention were the selections on the left for ‘weatherflow’ and for ‘tempest’. Moving the map to australia, there are only few labeled ‘tempest’, but when checking with the normal map from within the tempest app, those stations don’t appear to be tempest (I checked only 2). I did the same with 2 stations in France, also not tempest.

i think you have to sign up for datascope to be on there? not sure

nope, I never did, but I can see both my stations. Nice interface, you can see the graphs of both your stations at the same time

I can see my Tempest station too.

weird… i have only had mine for a few weeks so i wonder if it takes some time to get on there.

Are you sharing your station publicly?

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isn’t this your station,-80.658,17,695246,!518540

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what the crap HAHA i swear it was not there earlier :crazy_face:

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(( it depends strongly on the zoom level))
but it is nice you can even have monthly views of temperature or wind etc.
However, it might be that weatherflow only enables public access to these maps when there is some severe weather expected somewhere in the usa. I don’t know for sure, but don’t count on it.


All the weather flow stations and the government radar has gone out in the area!

I wonder how well these weather stations have gone in this storm. Will be interesting to find out in a couple of days! Hopefully it’s just the power connecting them to the network that has taken them down.

What happened to the Lake Charles Radar…

I would be amazed if the weather flow devices survived this.

I would be surprised if they DIDN’T survive. WeatherFlow is really, really good at their “day job” of running a coastal observation network…

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no longer access to that map.
@WFmarketing as we are contributing to these maps, could we get complimentary access to them?

I see have you heard any news on the stations in the area? Trying to find out but I don’t think residents can get back just yet after any disaster.

You can always use this shows the weather stations that were in the path.

sure but all the extra features were really nice.