Hub fails to reconnect

My system (broadcasting an access point) is the router to which the hub connects. Sometimes the router’s IP address changes from boot to boot.

I find that (reasonably repeatedly) when I choose to reboot my system the hub does not reconnect even after waiting for the prior DHCP lease to expire. The only way I have found to work around this is to power cycle the Hub.

Has anyone else seen this kind of problem?
Does WF actually control the firmware on the hub to possibly collect some debugging information? I am happy to make my setup available if needed.


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Hi Brian,

I am doing something similar…I have a device that is acts as a WiFi router… My Hub reconnects without issue each time I reboot the device.


Do you change the ip address of your router?

Can you try that?

Not having success in changing the Access Point IP address in Linux, using nmcli.

I am pretty convinced this is a hub bug and I can reproduce it pretty much at will.

I monitored the relevant DHCP traffic on my network.

My router was at IP and the hub made the appropriate DHCP requests. The lease was for an hour and after an appropriate amount of time the hub renewed the lease. This went on for a while.

I then rebooted my router and changed its IP address to I monitored network traffic and a couple of hours went by and the hub never made a DHCP request. I believe this is pretty repeatable.
As soon as I power cycled the hub it made its DHCP request.

I tried a different experiment where the hub is connected to router 1. I then take down router 1 and start router 2 with the same SSID/password combination. The hub (even after waiting for router 1’s lease to expire) never connects to router 2.

Is this something WF can fix?