How many Tempest Units have been sold?

Evening from New Zealand.
Had my Tempest running alongside my Davis 6163 for over 6 months now :slight_smile:
Keen to know how many Tempest devices have been sold / installed globally?
Tried searching to no avail.

if the station id’s are now up into the 35000. It only tells us that it isn’t more than that. If id’s are given out sequentially, the number of sold items might be close to that (besides a couple of people that created a station more than once using the same tempest)

Just mentioning that there are some people who have a single station id with more than one Tempest connected to it.
And the station id’s began with the Sky which means a few thousand station ids were used up prior to the Tempest.
But I did read a post where I think Eric mentioned how many devices were being updated, so he might know…

The station I setup at my sister’s house two months ago is 45970 so we are well beyond that now.


Just curious how closely your Tempest tracks to your Davis station.


perhaps non public / proprietary info