How long does balancing ultrasonic sensor take?

I got a tempest about 10 days ago. Wind measurements are still wrong. Today I had it in front of a fan blowing from the west (exact west). When I rotated the unit 180 degrees, the speeds drops 50% !! Is it still balancing the sensors? How long is that supposed to take? Or is it just a bad sensor.

Wind sensors should be even after a few seconds with wind from all directions. You seem to have an issue and I have forwarded it higher up :slight_smile: but a bigger wind issue is also keeping staff busy (Laura)


Hi Eric:

What is the bigger wind issue keeping staff busy? I have been getting frequent Wind Failed status messages for the last week. I also see long periods of 0 wind while the Sensor Status shows OK.

I’ve worked with support they have sent a replacement. After seeing your comment I brought up the map and started checking other stations. I see many devices have periods of 0 wind that are too long to be correct.

I’m wondering if my issue is really the device or if there is some backend issue.



Hello Jim

The wind issue was Hurricane Laura.
Periods with no wind can happen, I have some to. All depends also where your station is located. I have several and the one on the 9 meter pole hardly sees any zero wind but the one at the base does since we are surrounded by big oaks … As long the status says ok, let it do.

Thanks. I’ve opened about 3 support tickets since I setup my Tempest and wasn’t sure any of them were a significant problem. Support has decided that in total something seems off so they have sent a replacement that should arrive Monday.

I do think at least the Wind sensor might be flaky. I’ve had long periods of 0 wind when I could feel the breeze standing by the device and the sensor showed OK. The Sensor Status has frequently been showing Wind Failed when data was constant but showing OK when the values are 0.

I wanted to see what you were referencing in case there was some known issue that explained the wind problem I was seeing. I didn’t want to take a replacement out of stock if it wasn’t necessary.

Maybe you can run the two side by side for a bit to see what differences may be apparent.