"Feels Like" text not updating

Minor bug. Since last start up a few daus ago my PiConsole has been reporting “Feeling hot”. Now it’s 21 deg C outside now at almost 11pm, raining, and it certainly does not feel hot!
It looks like this display item is not updating correctly?

Have you had a look under MenuSettingsFeels Like? Unless you have changed the default thresholds, the threshold for ‘Feeling hot’ is 20 degrees C (that’s hot for the UK where I am based :rofl:).

That was it. Thanks. Yes, your idea of hot is quite different to that here in Australia!

The odd thing is that I could not see the Menu option which you refered to, which turns out to be at the bottom of the window - so I had never actually been into the settings in there. It was just below the visible screen.
If I run the app in full screen all I get is a blank window, so that doesn’t work, but when not in full screen the top menu takes up the extra space and means the bottom of the wfpiconsole window is just off the bottom of the screen. It pushes the Sager Moon Lightning and Menu just off the bottom and they aren’t quite visible. This is a stock standard RPI 7" touchscreen.
I’ve just worked around this by maximising the wfpiconsole window after it starts, this seems to work better. If I then 'Undecorate" the wfpiconsole window that then removes the top title and it all fits as designed.