Dark blue on radar screen

Does anyone know what the dark blue is on the radar I thought it was rain but it never seems to rain when that color comes over us. I know the green is rain but the dark blue what does that mean?

What radar app/screen? I know that a few consumerized weather radar displays (like Windy.com) show radar ground clutter or very faint radar reflections and possibly virga as blue. There is usually a color key on the display…

It really depends on what website you are looking at. Here in Australia we have a government organisation called the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) and a private organisation that has lightning trackers all over the country called Weatherzone. They both use the same radar data but the images appear different from each other in terms of graphics and colours.

There are a number of things that go into what you see as colors on a radar depictions. Different programs and apps display things differently, so, there really is no way to give a specific answer.

Assuming you are talking about a depiction of radar reflectivity (as opposed to velocity, etc.) , if you see a dark blue it is representative of the intensity of the reflected radar beem detected at the radar site (specified in units of dbZ) when mapped to some color scale. So, an example of you are referring to (with the color scale) could help to provide a more detailed answer on the reflectivity intensity.

To complicate matters further, the beam can/does reflect due to precipitation, birds, dust, bugs, smoke, tornado debris, etc., so, a given dbZ value by itself, does not guarantee that the any reflectivity value represents rain/precipitation. Newer radar units use a “dual pol” (dual polarity) scheme that can give a number of products in addition to reflectivity that can provide a much better idea of what the beam is impacting. But, for now, I guess the best answer is “it depends”.