Console not responding to mouse

I use a Bluetooth mouse to control the wfpiconsole on an HDMI screen attached to a Pi 3. Unfortunately, when the mouse goes to sleep or I turn off the mouse the console won’t respond to it when the mouse wakes up or turns back on. Has anyone found a way to solve this (other than having a wired mouse connected all the time)? The GUI in the OS sees the mouse again when it wakes up, I know that by VNC’ing in and the mouse works. The wfpiconsole never responds to the mouse again until I stop and restart it. Same situation if the console starts up without the mouse attached and I later turn the mouse on. The OS sees it but the console does not.

Is this a kivy shortcoming? I am not familiar at all with kivy. Any way to have kivy try to reacquire the mouse at regular intervals?